Create the world’s most agile agent workforce!

Mobilize your workforce in quick response to daily fluctuations in contact center demand. It’s never been easier to transform your enterprise contact center into a cohesive Community.

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Community Workforce Management Software

Flex schedules. Inform agents. Meet demand.

Imagine possessing the ability to shift the schedules of your entire workforce, immediately inform agents across multiple communication channels, and elicit a swift reaction to meet contact center demand — all within minutes. This is the power of Community, the new standard in enterprise workforce management software.

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Quite simply, there's nothing else like it.

Harness the power of a call center working in unison towards a common goal - executing your workforce management strategy. For the first time ever, Community tightly integrates all roles of the contact center to deliver:

  • Community Dashboard

    Advanced Forecasting
    and Adherence

    Create efficiencies through multi-skilled forecasting and schedule optimization. Community’s three perspectives of agent adherence reporting increases productivity by 15% on average.

  • Agent Sschedules

    Automated Flexing
    of Agent Schedules

    Optimize your contact center with just a few clicks. Community offers eight schedule adjustment strategies which automate the flexing of agent schedules to meet call center demand.

  • Communication Framework


    Communication is key in responding to fluctuations in workforce demand. Utilize a two-way communication framework to deliver critical information to your team through preferred channels.

Synchronize your contact center, on the go, all the time.

The Community Everywhere mobile application keeps agents informed and on task 24/7. Agents can accept and repond to notifications, review schedules, request time-off, and most importantly, maximize productivity.

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Community Everywhere Mobile Application

A partnership you can depend on.

Community is more than a software solution, it’s a relationship with a common goal — implementing an optimal management strategy for your company. From the beginning, we will guide you every step of the way to ensure your unique plan is executed with ease.

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