Community customers go "live"
in as few as four weeks!

Community Signature Licensing

Community is licensed by named agent only. Licensing for Schedulers, Administrators and Supervisors are included at no charge. Additionally, there are no site licensing fees.

Community Software Licensing Benefits

Community is sold as an all-inclusive solution with no modular pricing. Community includes the following functionality as a part of standard licensing:

  • Native ACD integration with auto recovery
  • Multi-media, multi-skilled forecasting and what-if analysis
  • Schedule optimization, single and multi-skilled
  • Interactive agent bidding
  • Intraday management with automatic reforecasting
  • Agent and group historical & real-time adherence
  • Active functional portals for Agents and Supervisors
  • Automated time-off request management
  • Access to the database
  • Readily configurable portals

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