Community customers go "live"
in as few as four weeks!

Community Education & Training

Maximize the potential of your Community users through WFMSG’s training programs. WFMSG delivers on-going training programs to ensure that your users can create efficiencies and truly harness the power for the Community Workforce Management application.

Information and Notification through the Community Bulletin

The Community Bulletin is our way of communicating with our installed customers about the continuing evolution and use of the product, our company and services. Bulletins are primarily product in orientation but also include important notifications on holiday hours, frequent or support questions.

New User Training

WFMSG recognizes that new user training, due to personnel changes, and initial deployment training for first time users are delivered against a different context. We have created a three day session for new users in an environment that is already in production to educate and re-enforce the strategies that are already part of the contact center culture.

Advanced Training and Strategic Consulting Services

WFMSG invites the opportunity to become fully engaged with your team for advanced workforce management consultation or at the executive level for strategic planning purposes. Our rich heritage provides perspective that is typically unavailable from less experienced suppliers.